Artist Spotlight: Andra

Come check out the new artist in our Artist Spotlight. Andra answered some interview questions about her time creating her video for the 2013 Studio Video Contest. She received 1st place for her video.

Artist Spotlight: Andra


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Winners for the 2013 Studio Video Contest

I’m pleased to announce the winners for the 2013 Studio Video Contest:


1st Place Andra

2nd Place Thea

3rd Place TIE! between Kendyll and Sofia

Audience Favorite (highest number of votes): Kendyll with 114 votes


We had a great push for votes in the final couple of hours and had a grand total of 444 votes! Each participant will receive one start of each color on the incentives board and constructive comments from the judges. We had a great turn out for videos this year; let’s do this again soon!

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Video Contest is LIVE!

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Hey Everyone please come view our videos and vote for your favorite below. There are only 10 contestants so please watch all of the videos before making your decision. All 10 participants are members of my voice studio which means they are taking lessons with me. They were required to choose a song from a year ending in a 3 or an 8 and they did not have to work on the song in their lesson. They are being judged on intonation, tone quality, expression and creativity by my set of adjudicators and the person with the most votes from you receives a reward as well. Enjoy the videos at the following link: 2013 Studio Video Contest

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Annual Video Contest 2013

It is time for our Annual Video Contest! We had 10 submissions last year. Let’s see if we can beat that by receiving 11 submissions this year!

In general, the rules are the same:

You must be a student in my voice studio.

You must be the lead singer.

Your song must be on the approved song list.


What’s different?

This year, you have the option of editing the video so that you can change location or change outfits.

The rule is the main part of your video (at least 2 minutes) must be you standing/acting/dancing and actually singing the song live. Maybe you will choose to edit the first 30 seconds or the last 30 seconds, however, your voice cannot be edited or spliced in/out.

I suggest video recording your song all the way through with you singing live just like last year. Then if you would like to edit something, you can overlap on top of the original footage. The music from the original video must carry through from start to finish without any editing.

Submissions are due August 31st by midnight. You will receive a link for uploading your video a week before the deadline.

Your friends and family will then have a week to vote for you.


Now, onto the approved songs. If the genre you choose is:

Classical: your song must be approved by me but can be from any time period.

World Music: your song must be approved by me.

Musical Theatre: the show must have been released/copyrighted in a year ending with a 3 or an 8. (try a google search: musicals 1983 and a wiki page will come up with musicals from every year)

Pop/Rock/Country/R&B etc: your song, or the album it is from, must have been released in a year ending with a 3 or an 8, or the song must have been on the billboard top 100 during a year ending with a 3 or an 8. (try a google search: billboard top 100 January 2013, for instance)

If you are unsure if your song choice works, just email me the song and I will tell you.

Happy Practicing! check here if you can’t find your handout and want to review what you will be scored on and what the prizes are.

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Singing Summer Camp final week to register!

Hi Everyone! We have a good enrollment for our first year of camp, but there is still room for more students!

You can find info on the Summer Camp here.

It will be a fun week of singing and playing! Hope to see you on July 8th.

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Learning How to Handle ‘Nerves’

Since the last post, I’m hoping you’ve spent some time practicing your recital song and using expression. As much as I would love to say truthfully that this is all you need to get rid of those butterflies in your stomach, it just isn’t the case. So how do you deal with these anxious feelings?

1. Yes, first start by learning and memorizing your music better than you thought possible.

2. Practice, practice, practice. What? You mean after I memorize I still have to practice my song? Yes, of course you do, or you may discover you no longer have your song memorized. ;) The kind of practice I’m referring to here is practicing your performance of the song. Yes, this is something you should practice on every song you learn so that you are always prepared. The performance of your song does involve good technique, memorization of words, and expression…as well as collaborating with your pianist or guitarist.

There are a few ways to practice your performance technique. I would start by watching in the mirror (just as we do in lessons while watching facial expressions and breathing and posture and mouth position….and just about everything for that matter). Next, take it to the next level and sing for your stuffed animals or pets, then some friends, siblings or other family members. If it makes you nervous then you definitely want to complete this step.

3. Make a list of what happens when you feel nervous: sweaty hands, heart racing, can’t breathe, forget your words, forget facial expression, start fidgeting, sing too quickly, sing out of tune, have to swallow a lot, get dry mouth. The list may go on and on or be very short. Once you have your list, then you will know how your body reacts and can start watching for these signs and try to control them or use them to your benefit.

4. Do another practice performance (one that makes you nervous) and try to overcome some of the items on your list. First, when you are in front of your audience, drop your chin to your chest, close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths. Try to keep your arms/hands loose at your sides and sing your first line in your head. Second, open your eyes, look out but slightly above your audience’s heads and smile. Third, take a low deep breath and start your song. If you make a mistake, just keep singing, just keep singing, just keep singing. :) Fourth, take a bow and avoid apologizing for any mistakes; remember to smile.

5. Repeat number 4 over and over. Remember to celebrate the improvements you’re making and your achievements even if they seem like baby steps.

Learning how to cope and use your nervous energy to help you sing can take some time. Although you may see results immediately, it is more common over a period of time with many performances. Also, many times it’s hard to get started with your song, but after the first verse you may feel fine. If you don’t know what to expect, then sing your song for as many people as you can before you reach the performance.

6. Make a list of positive attributes about yourself and your singing; especially about your strengths in the current song you are performing. Read this to yourself before you go on stage. It may sound cheesy, but I know some professional singers who do this and it makes a huge difference for them…so why not try it out?

7. Have fun!!!! Remember, you are doing all of this because You Lo-ove to Sing! Enjoy your pretty/cool outfit, enjoy the applause and have fun sharing your song with everyone! You know you will see me standing in the back of the room cheering you on and sometimes crying (in joy) because you are awesome! It is such a huge step getting up on that stage and you make me very proud to be your teacher.

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Prepping for Performance

With the Studio Recital approaching quickly, I’m sure there is a lot of nervous energy floating around.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves anticipating what words we will forget, which line we won’t make it through on one breath, the high note, and tripping on the stairs. At other times, we may find ourselves imagining a crowd on their feet eager with applause. I have a feeling, most of you are leaning toward the first statement right now.  :)

As you prepare for your next performance, please use the following ideas as a guide:

1. Think positively and enjoy the idea that you are going to be a ‘star’ at your performance. (Visualize this. See the entire perfect performance in your head.)

2. Memorize your song. Memorization is key. It’s important to memorize early on; if you are memorized several weeks before and continue to practice performing the song, then you will be more prepared. The more prepared you are, the less you will need to worry about remembering things. Instead, those things become second nature and you can focus more on enjoying performing and getting your message across….All of this means: less nerves!

3. Sing your song over and over and over using expression. Just singing your song once memorized will not lessen your nerves. If you are uber-prepared and sing your memorized song 50-100 times between now and the performance then you will likely be less nervous. Instead of thinking you can do it, you will know you can do it. Doing this while practicing expression will allow your performance to flow without having to think about what hand movement or facial expression you will need to do next.

4. Have fun!!!! If you are singing, it’s probably because you like to sing. Once you are on the stage you will be nervous or not, so why not just have fun and see what happens?

Unfortunately, getting nervous is a normal part of performance life. Our bodies create this response as part of its maintenance to keep us alive and working properly. Being unique individuals, we have various reactions, and many of us can learn to cope or become tolerant of this. I don’t believe we need to be afraid of ‘nerves’…we’re already afraid of the performance; our bodies will take care of that when we walk onto that stage, so let’s come up with some ways to prepare for whatever reaction our bodies may have. We have a start with the list above. Let’s talk more about it tomorrow. See you then!


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Spring Recital 2013

Our Spring Recital is set!

Saturday, June 15th, 3-6pm

Greene Music on Miramar Rd.


Recital Fee is $25/solo singer; $10/group only singer. It is due at the accompaniment rehearsal or before.

Accompaniment Rehearsal: TBA, these are 10-15 minute slots a week or so before the recital, to practice with the accompanists, it is mandatory to have a rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal (mandatory): TBA, usually during the prior weekend; there will be options given and they will take place at my home.

We appreciate having Olivia Donald as our collaborating pianist once again. I will be looking into having a guitar player for some songs as well.



We will have one group song this year. Everyone in the recital must sing in the group song. You will not be allowed to do a solo unless you prepare the group song and attend the Dress Rehearsal. If you are concerned about the time commitment or have other recitals interfering please talk to me about it before deciding it won’t be possible to sing.

If you do not want to perform a solo at the recital, the group songs are a great way to participate and not feel as nervous. Mini-solos in the group songs will be offered first to those not singing a solo in the recital itself.

The recital is a performance option for all students in the Studio. Please note that in the incentives program rules, it states that you must reach GOLD in order to participate with a solo in the recital. You can check the board in the studio to see where you rank. Adults are not generally a part of the incentives program and your readiness can be determined during your lessons.

Repertoire choices will be made by me. You should, of course, make suggestions of songs you’d like to sing, but I will be making the final decision. Our final day for deciding on a song is May 15th. By that time, we must have started the song, in some cases be memorized, and definitely must have the sheet music in hand.

Please keep in mind that there will be a dress code for performers and that any student not fulfilling this at the performance may not be allowed to perform. Also, any student who is not prepared by the time we reach the rehearsals may not be permitted to perform. I love giving this performing opportunity to my students, but I do expect them to work toward it.


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Singing Summer Camp!

July 8-12 2013

NEW this year, the Studio will host a week long summer day camp focused on small group singing. Activities will involve singing technique, learning new music and singing in harmony. Singers will perform in groups with other singers of the same age. All current students, friends, and community members entering 3rd-8th grade may register.

Registration dates will be announced soon and there will be Pre-Registration dates and discounts available to current students.

The camp will be limited to 20 students and may be canceled if there is not enough interest. If this occurs, all deposit funds will be refunded.

There will be volunteer opportunities available to high school/college students too so contact me if you’re interested!!!

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Video Contest Winners

Congrats to all of the winners in our video contest! Every contestant did an excellent job creating fun and entertaining videos. I am quite proud of each of my students.

1st Place: Annika

2nd Place: Thea

3rd Place: Julie

Audience Favorite: Kendyll


Congrats ladies!!

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