Private Lessons (for Group Lessons/Workshops click here)

I teach Monday-Friday from 12pm-8pm, and Saturday 10am-3pm. All lessons take place at my studio unless otherwise arranged between the student and myself.


$35 per 30 minute lesson

$50 per 45 minute lesson

$65 per 1 hour lesson

Payment for the entire month is due the first lesson of each month. Payments may be made by cash or check; the returned check fee is $20. A fee of $10 per week will be added for late payments, starting 7 days after payment is due.

Children and Jr. High/High School students who do not read music are required to start with at least 45 minute lessons which includes 15 minutes of music reading.


Additional Fees:¬†Music books for lessons are bought by the student at an additional cost.¬†Here are lists of books I usually ask the students to choose from. Please wait to order books until you have spoken to me about what’s best for your voice.


Performance Opportunities within the Studio:

  • Student Gathering: We hold these 2-3 times each year. Students are invited to the studio to sing for each other in a relaxed environment and to get to know each other. Parents are not permitted to stay (unless the student is in kindergarten-2nd grade). It is a casual performance, so normal attire is permitted and songs are not required to be memorized. Actually, many students sing a song they are currently working on.
  • Spring Recital: The Recital is our annual big event. Students pay a recital fee that covers the accompanist and they must dress their best. Each student is invited to sing a song, which is memorized, with our accompanist, for an audience of family and friends. There is a mandatory rehearsal with the accompanist as well as a group song. If the requirements are not met, then the student is not permitted to perform. Our last recital had an audience of almost 250 people!

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