Artist Spotlight


Andra is a middle school student who loves to sing and dance. The more she can mix the two up the better. She enjoys art as well, so making music videos is becoming a normal part of her singing life. She is a very active member of the voice studio and participates in every Student Gathering, Recital, Christmas Caroling, and also joined our Summer Camp. She recently joined choir at school and is really enjoying it.

Andra just received first place in our 2013 Studio Video Contest; you can see her video HERE. Here are her answers to my little interview on the Video Contest.


How/why did you decide on this song for the contest?

It fits my voice, it’s a great song to do expression and there is a long instrumental break which you can dance in.


Is this your first video?  Do you plan to make more?  What will you do differently for the next one?

I’ve made other videos before this, I plan on making more; I will work on my expression.


What advice can you give others your age who are planning to participate in the next video contest?

Have fun with the song and don’t get all stressed out if it doesn’t go right on your first try. It took me 17 tries to get it right, sing all the notes, and not forget the lyrics.


Who are your favorite musical artists?  Does anyone in particular inspire you?

I love Jason Derulo, he inspires me to do my dancing (hip hop) and he is really good at singing. Ms.Stacey inspires me to sing and do piano (even though piano isn’t my favorite) because piano makes singing a lot easier.