2014 Video Contest ~ Vote Here!

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Hey Everyone, please come view our videos and vote for your favorite below. There are only 9 contestants so please watch all of the videos before making your decision. All 9 participants are members of my voice studio which means they are taking lessons with me. They were required to choose a song from a movie soundtrack. Students were allowed to lip sync their songs this year. They are being judged on intonation, tone quality, expression and creativity by my set of adjudicators and the top scores will receive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Those 3 people will then be removed from the total votes and the remaining contestants will receive 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the highest number of votes. Since there are only 9 contestants, everyone will receive a prize this year. Since we won’t know who wins until the end of the voting, that means every vote counts!! Enjoy the videos at the following link: 2014 Video Contest

You can also vote for:

Jessica singing ‘Scarborough Fair’ from The Graduate.

To vote for Jessica, please comment ‘Vote for Jessica’ in the comment section below. Also specify if you want me to publish your comment or not (to remain anonymous). I will keep a tally for her either way.

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20 Responses to 2014 Video Contest ~ Vote Here!

  1. Dana Morabito says:

    Great job, Sophie!!!

  2. Jeff Morabito says:

    I too want to be a cat!

  3. Mary Morabito says:

    Sophie – you’re a Hollywood kid now!

  4. Grace Morabito says:

    Sophie, you did a GREAT!!!!

  5. Rufina Herman says:

    Darling and talented.

  6. Mike says:

    Love you Lucie. Great job.
    “I knew her when…..”

  7. Emilee Morgan says:

    Lucie you are wonderful! Keep it up! We love you!

  8. Michelle Marra says:

    Great job everyone! We enjoyed viewing all of the videos- lots of creativity and talent!

  9. Beth Morabito says:

    Good job Sophie!

  10. Bonnie Brown says:

    That was wonderful, Lucie! You are a very gifted little girl! We all love you!

  11. Susan says:

    Yay great job Lucie! We are very proud!

  12. Kathy Marra says:

    Loved it, Lucie!

  13. Anna Nason says:

    Voting for Sophie! For some reason I can’t vote in my phone otherwise. You did a great job, Soph!

  14. Joshua Trost says:

    Vote for Jessica!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Vote for Jessica

  16. Joshua Trost says:

    Vote for Jessica :D

  17. Joan Bonghi says:

    Great job, Lucie! We loved it!

  18. April Trost says:

    Vote for Jessica!

  19. Joan Bonghi says:

    Good luck Lucie!

  20. Ted Trost says:

    vote for Jessica!