Annual Video Contest 2013

It is time for our Annual Video Contest! We had 10 submissions last year. Let’s see if we can beat that by receiving 11 submissions this year!

In general, the rules are the same:

You must be a student in my voice studio.

You must be the lead singer.

Your song must be on the approved song list.


What’s different?

This year, you have the option of editing the video so that you can change location or change outfits.

The rule is the main part of your video (at least 2 minutes) must be you standing/acting/dancing and actually singing the song live. Maybe you will choose to edit the first 30 seconds or the last 30 seconds, however, your voice cannot be edited or spliced in/out.

I suggest video recording your song all the way through with you singing live just like last year. Then if you would like to edit something, you can overlap on top of the original footage. The music from the original video must carry through from start to finish without any editing.

Submissions are due August 31st by midnight. You will receive a link for uploading your video a week before the deadline.

Your friends and family will then have a week to vote for you.


Now, onto the approved songs. If the genre you choose is:

Classical: your song must be approved by me but can be from any time period.

World Music: your song must be approved by me.

Musical Theatre: the show must have been released/copyrighted in a year ending with a 3 or an 8. (try a google search: musicals 1983 and a wiki page will come up with musicals from every year)

Pop/Rock/Country/R&B etc: your song, or the album it is from, must have been released in a year ending with a 3 or an 8, or the song must have been on the billboard top 100 during a year ending with a 3 or an 8. (try a google search: billboard top 100 January 2013, for instance)

If you are unsure if your song choice works, just email me the song and I will tell you.

Happy Practicing! check here if you can’t find your handout and want to review what you will be scored on and what the prizes are.

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