Prepping for Performance

With the Studio Recital approaching quickly, I’m sure there is a lot of nervous energy floating around.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves anticipating what words we will forget, which line we won’t make it through on one breath, the high note, and tripping on the stairs. At other times, we may find ourselves imagining a crowd on their feet eager with applause. I have a feeling, most of you are leaning toward the first statement right now.  :)

As you prepare for your next performance, please use the following ideas as a guide:

1. Think positively and enjoy the idea that you are going to be a ‘star’ at your performance. (Visualize this. See the entire perfect performance in your head.)

2. Memorize your song. Memorization is key. It’s important to memorize early on; if you are memorized several weeks before and continue to practice performing the song, then you will be more prepared. The more prepared you are, the less you will need to worry about remembering things. Instead, those things become second nature and you can focus more on enjoying performing and getting your message across….All of this means: less nerves!

3. Sing your song over and over and over using expression. Just singing your song once memorized will not lessen your nerves. If you are uber-prepared and sing your memorized song 50-100 times between now and the performance then you will likely be less nervous. Instead of thinking you can do it, you will know you can do it. Doing this while practicing expression will allow your performance to flow without having to think about what hand movement or facial expression you will need to do next.

4. Have fun!!!! If you are singing, it’s probably because you like to sing. Once you are on the stage you will be nervous or not, so why not just have fun and see what happens?

Unfortunately, getting nervous is a normal part of performance life. Our bodies create this response as part of its maintenance to keep us alive and working properly. Being unique individuals, we have various reactions, and many of us can learn to cope or become tolerant of this. I don’t believe we need to be afraid of ‘nerves’…we’re already afraid of the performance; our bodies will take care of that when we walk onto that stage, so let’s come up with some ways to prepare for whatever reaction our bodies may have. We have a start with the list above. Let’s talk more about it tomorrow. See you then!


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