Recital Dates are Set!

Every Spring we have a Studio Recital. It is an opportunity for the students to ‘strut their stuff’ for their family and friends. All of the singers dress their best and sing live music; we hire a pianist and guitarist and we make a video of the entire thing. It’s always a lot of fun for the singers and the audience.

Our hosts last year were Casa de las Campanas. They were wonderful to us and their residents helped to make a great audience. They loved hearing everyone sing. In a sense, our recital is as much a community outreach event as a recital for family and friends.

Casa de las Campanas has happily accepted us back this June. Here are the dates to keep in mind:

Accompaniment Rehearsal: TBA, these are 10-15 minute slots a week or so before the recital, to practice with the accompanists, it is mandatory to have a rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal (mandatory): Sunday, June 10th, 2-3:30pm.

Recital: Saturday, June 16th, 3pm (we should be done by 5pm)

New this year, we will have 2 group songs. Everyone in the recital must sing in a group song. You will not be allowed to do a solo unless you prepare one of the group songs and attend the Dress Rehearsal. If you are concerned about the time commitment or have other recitals interfering please talk to me about it before deciding it won’t be possible to sing.

The group songs are: ‘Seasons of Love’ from Rent and Hola Lola! by Goldrich and Heisler. Hola Lola! will be done in a skit format and ‘Seasons of Love’ will be performed as a choir. You will be assigned a part to learn and can audition for mini-solos in Hola Lola!

If you do not want to perform a solo at the recital, the group songs are a great way to participate and not feel as nervous. Mini-solos in the group songs will be offered first to those not singing a solo in the recital itself.

The recital is a performance option for all students in the Studio. Please note that in the incentives program rules, it states that you must reach GOLD in order to participate with a solo in the recital. You can check the board in the studio to see where you rank. Adults are not generally a part of the incentives program and your readiness can be determined during your lessons.

Repertoire choices will be made by me. You should, of course, make suggestions of songs you’d like to sing, but I will be making the final decision. Our final day for deciding on a song is May 16th. By that time, we must have started the song, in some cases be memorized, and definitely must have the sheet music in hand.

Let’s have some fun this spring! Happy March!

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