Video Contest: submitting your video

When your video is ready for the contest you can turn it in 2 different ways. Please read the entirety of this post.

1. Bring it to me on a flash drive.  I’ll slip it onto my hard drive and upload myself.

2. If you can’t get over here, you can ask me for a username and password for my youtube account.  The only trouble with this is that if all of you try to upload on the same day, it is likely the account will be too busy and possibly crash.  Please try to get your video done early!!  It will save a lot of time and allow the judging and voting to happen on time.

If I give you a password, it will only be available that day.  You will receive instructions on the settings when the video is uploaded.

If you have your own Youtube account, you may post your video on your own page.  Please send me the link.  I will check to see what your stats are when the contest officially starts.  I suggest uploading on January 1st and leaving it private until midnight.  The only problem with uploading into your own account, is that I will have to list links for the judges and other voters who want to see everyone’s videos.  It’s much easier if everything is in the same place.

For uploading your video to your own account, please include in your video title: slvoicestudio Video Contest.  We must be able to find it easily by search.

If you can’t remember what the rules and judging or prizes are like, you can find the basic info on the Student page, or in the blog post titled: Video Contest.

Good luck!  I can’t wait to see all of your creativity!

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